We are currently full on panels for 2019.

Looking to show off your talent by hosting a Panel?   What renditions of you knowledge can you express while showing off your work?  

Fan Panels are attendee-run discussions, workshops, and presentations that run the spectrum of teaching fellow attendees what EVA foam is to over-analyzing the story of a veracious video game that went viral?  Do you think you have the knowledge and passion to host a panel? Then apply today and embrace your fandom!

Fan Panels are attendee-run discussions and presentations that run the gamut of teaching fellow attendees anything and everything anime, foam armor/weapons, comics, video games or unite us all in Pokemon folklore.

Interesting in holding a panel?  contact us by email.

Panel Titles for 2019

Under Construction.

Cosplay: A Beginners Guide - WinterLightsCos

Video game development

Foam Armour Building - Kent Ertman

Cosplay on a Budget - SilverLinings Cosplay -

Lindsey & Richard

Q&A - Voice Actors Activate

Q&A - Cosplayers in uniform

Building a Hero