Information of events and any overlord take overs.

Greatings Star Ranger.

You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada.

Klingon Invasion.

Today in the Intergalactic news.

Klingon's are invading small and remote planets, AGAIN. If you are living on a small and obscure planet. You could be the next victim of the ever growing and very popular group of Klingon's called "KAG - Klingon Assault Group".

These rambunctious ruffians, has built a small force of warriors combing the Galaxies for worthy adversary's to battle. Hide your valuables. Hide your Mint condition comics and Pokemon cards because no one is safe. ​

If you have come across these lumpy head, foul mouthed, puppy and kitten eaters.  Do not hesitate to toss your mother in law at them. This will cause huge amounts of confusion and can disorientate them for a extremely long time.  While they are distracted you should find a hiding spot and pray!

This is News for today, and for tomorrow.

Outer space.

Suppling all the Trophy's for this years event.