Early Bird is now OPEN! Preping all Star Fighters for battle.   ENDS FEB 1st!

2020 Exhibitors and Artist Alley Booths are on sale now. Space is limited!  Please email (gceevendorhall@gmail.com) to book your space today!

Please give us the information below.

First/last name:



Business Name:



Website: (important)

Primary Merch sold:

Payments will be discussed with the Exhibitor Coordinator.

Order Info: All Tables include, Electricity and Internet if needed.  2 badges.  limit 2 people per table, 4 total per business.   Additional badges: $8.00 each.

DAY     TABLE            PRICE          VENDOR DEAL

1            1                $60                   $50

1            2                $120                 $100

1            3                $180                 $150

2            1                $120                 $105

2            2                $240                 $200

2            3                $360                 $300

Artists Alley  Includes 2 badges.  Limit 2 people per table, 3 total.   Additional badges:  $8.00 each
1 table 1 day                                                                       $50
2 table 1 day                                        $80
1 table 2 day                                         $80
2 table 2 day                               $105

Once you have registered for GCEE, You'll be placed in a queue.  You will be contacted once your application has been reviewed and GCEE has approved our floor plans.  Be aware that no refunds will be given 2 weeks prior to the event.
(Please do not register more than once.)


Artists Alley

2020 GCEE is approaching, below is important information about your move in and move out. 

Loading and unloading will take place at the doors marked "Vendors drop off".  Look for attendant outside to help you were to load   After loading, please move the vehicle into the main parking lot.  All parking is free during the event.  Attendant's will help you find your booth. 

Any questions should be directed to gceevendorhall@gmail.com