Volunteers and friends of GCEE.


Volunteer's  Needed!



Volunteers are the heart and soul of GCEE – we couldn’t exist without them. Being a volunteer gives you a chance to work with creative and inspiring people, and plan the events you want in your community. For young people, volunteering helps develop skills in event management and planning.


We want to inspire and encourage people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. We want to demonstrate that working together, we can meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. With collective power, we can create change and make a difference.


We are looking for people of all ages to join our amazing team and be a part of the next generation of volunteers changing people's lives.



Deck Crew

Walter Laboucane

Alana Petty-Hawkes

Randy Hawkes

Shyanne Kelly

Nathan Laboucane

Ravan Jorden

Tatum Jorden

Meyer Dixon

Dan Kay

Maryanne Kay

Dave Campbell

Barb Bailey

Shirley Anne Taylor